Patrick Clover, founder and chief executive of Stampede, a hospitality software business, on the latest government briefing, stating that all hospitality venues will legally be required to record customer data for 21 days from Monday

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Laying down the law to hospitality venues is a regrettable but necessary step. Providing guidance and relying on people and business owners to use their best judgement doesn’t work.

Although most hospitality businesses have moved heaven and earth to re-open safely, now there will be no exceptions and no excuses. 

Scotland has already taken the step of making data collection the law for hospitality. Boris Johnson’s government is simply falling into line with the more logical and unambiguous requirements north of the border. 

These might seem like drastic measures, but food and drinks businesses already contend with numerous legal requirements. If venue owners treat this like any other another license or hygiene law, then it should slot in with minimal fuss.

The new law will set a level playing field for venue owners and create a more consistent hospitality experience for consumers.

The simple truth is that secure data collection is essential for the hospitality industry. Without it, there will be more outbreaks, more lockdowns, and more venues that are forced to close their doors for good.

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