Beer packaging specialist Croxsons will be helping the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) deliver the inaugural Digital Beer Awards. The awards focus entirely on bottled and canned beers, with judges working remotely around the UK.

SIBA Digital Beer Awards

The awards will see as many as 600 different beers, from 200 independent breweries, in the running for top spots across a broad range of styles. Judging ‘tables’ will be led by trained beer sommeliers and follow internationally recognised guidelines around beer style, colour, aroma, and flavour. 

Croxsons’ chief operating officer, Tim Croxson, said: “Following on from the recent launch of the new SIBA assured crowns, and given the current climate that craft brewers are facing, we wanted to show our continued support to the industry. 

“Having been involved with the best of British brewing for over 140 years, it is good to see that, despite the challenges faced, many brewers are adapting and making the most of the opportunities that small pack gives them. 

“We felt sponsoring these awards was an excellent way of giving something back to brewers of all sizes in the UK, at a time when the industry needs a well-deserved lift.”

SIBA chief executive, James Calder, said: “The Digital Beer Awards are a landmark competition in the UK and I can think of no more fitting company for SIBA to partner with than Croxsons, who are experts in beer bottles, closures, and packaging — something which will be a very important part of getting beers into the hands of judges safely during the competition!

“Their knowledge for the brewing industry is second to none and their partnership on the Digital Beer Awards will only build on the support they offer small independent breweries across the UK, not least with their newly launched Assured Independent British Craft Brewer bottle caps, which were developed in conjunction with SIBA.”

He added: “Even with pubs set to re-open tomorrow [4th July], it is unclear when beer competitions and in-person beer judging sessions will be able to take place, so we have worked tirelessly to deliver a modern and safe way to find the very best craft beers in the UK.”

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