The team behind the Craft Beer Channel, on YouTube, have launched a podcast, The Bubble, aimed at taking the beer conversation out of the echo chamber.

The Bubble is a monthly podcast interviewing experts from different fields that relate to the beer world. Expect episodes with everyone from health and safety experts to wine journalists, via bouncers, designers and doctors.

The BubbleThe first episode, now live, is with John West a journalist in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Click here to download the podcast.

The Bubble will also interview industry leaders about their lives outside of beer, highlighting the amazing talents, past lives and hobbies that show there is more to life that brewing and fighting on Twitter.

The Bubble will be presented by Craft Beer Channel founder Jonny Garrett and a new face (or rather voice), Rob Young, a podcast obsessive and Cave Direct’s South East sales manager.

CBC co-founder Brad Evans will also make plenty of appearances on the podcast as they travel around the world making films.

The podcast is sponsored by Beer Merchants and, after the launch date, will come out on the last Sunday of every month, available from Spotify and, soon, iTunes.


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