Health secretary Matt Hancock has suggested that drinkers may have to register before going to a pub in the post-lockdown era.

The thinking behind the plan is that, among other things, it would make track and trace easier if drinkers or those they came into contact with developed the virus.

Meanwhile, prime minister Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement soon on halving two-metre social distancing and, indeed, officially confirming that pubs and bars can open on 4th July, as per the government’s roadmap.

Cask Marque

Cask Marque boss Paul Nunny says pubs must make the most of the opportunity cask beer presents when re-opening after lockdown.

The organisation has produced guidelines on stocking cask successfully in the wake of the 2019 Cask Report which said 40% of drinkers would not return to a pub after being served a bad pint, and 37% would tell their friends about it.

The government is to extend the Coronavirus Act to prevent strunggling businesses being evicted from their premises. Forfeiture of eveictions will be extended from 30th June to 30th September.

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