A series of posts reflecting on life during the Covid-19 pandemic

By brewery owner, David Halliday

Our whole business had to be repositioned overnight, which was hard, but we’ve have been overwhelmed by the support of local shops.

Working with other local drinks producers, such as Whin Hill Cider and Black Shuck Gin, means we can sell each other’s products, share deliveries and help spread the ‘buy local’ word.

We are also working as a community with other brewers, again sharing deliveries if we can, but also buying things together to make purchasing more cost effective. Fellow City of Ale brewers Wolf Brewery have been really supportive by continuing to bottle our beers for us.

Norfolk Brewhouse
David and Rachel Halliday, of Norfolk Brewhouse

We really miss the pubs and people, but thankfully some are offering take-away ale, and we’re working with them.

The sense of togetherness has made a really tough situation actually heart-warming. Sense of community has always been a key driver for Rachel and me, and this has just reinforced how important it is emotionally and from a business point of view.

Day to day, it’s about keeping the business going. But we are also keeping one eye on the future. We are collaborating with Smartmouth Brewing, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, as well as the Hof Ten Dormaal Brewery, in Flanders, Belgium, who had produced a special Apple Saison ale for this year’s City of Ale. We are now on a mission to make sure that the Apple Saison can be imported and enjoyed in Norfolk!

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