The Forum of Private Business and the Punch Tenant Network have welcomed the launch by the Pub Code Adjudicator of a statutory consultation designed to provide more clarity on beer and cider duty, and waste, for pub tenants when they are negotiating their tied rents.

Forum Private BusinessIan Cass, chief executive of the Forum of Private Business, said: “Whilst we welcome the consultation, the delay in the Adjudicator launching it is frustrating. The issue is clear and action should be taken sooner rather than later.

“We certainly would not wish the matter to be passed over as ‘subject to consultation’ when the Small Business Minister next reviews the Pub Code.”

Chris Lyndsay, from the Punch Tenant Network, added: “We are obviously encouraged that, after such a considerable amount of time, this fundamental issue is being consulted on by the PCA.

“The flagrant misrepresentation of achievable sales in cask containers has been one of the main reasons for tied tenants being unable to achieve the level of profit they expected to make, and has also resulted in rents being set at an artificially high level for many years.

“We hope that the PCA will consult on this issue in an open and transparent manner and arrive at the inescapable conclusion that tenants have been deliberately misled for many years, in breach of HMRC regulations.”


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