CAMRA North London will be hosting the first ever competition to find the best low-alcohol beer brewed in London at the London Drinker Beer and Cider Festival, in Camden, in March.

CAMRAThe competition is open to brewers of any beer of 3% ABV or lower, with the aim of showing that a beer doesn’t have to be strong to be tasty. Alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, is sponsoring the competition.

Rommel Moseley, Drinkawares director of business development and partnerships, said: “Drinks that are low in alcohol don’t have to be low on taste, and it’s good to see a growing number of brewers producing flavourful beers with lower ABVs, which can help customers to moderate their consumption of alcohol and minimise the harms associated with it.”

The festival’s organiser, Christine Cryne, said: “We welcome entries from any brewery, big or small, in any format — draught, can or bottle, the more the merrier! And we have put together a fantastic list of experienced judges to find us the very best beer. Anyone interested in putting in a beer, or even two, to this inaugural competition, which is free to enter, should contact me.”

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