A special wine tasting has been announced for British Food Fortnight later this month when the wine in question will be … cider!

Cider is Wine

Alastair Morrell, chief executive of Cider is Wine, explains: “Cider and perry is an integral part of our British heritage, with a history which stretches back even before Roman times. It gets to the core of what Britishness is.

“Cider Is Wine reminds us how cider would have been made for the majority of this long history — not from 35% juice content, which is the current default for mass-market ciders, but exclusively fermented from apples and pears without any concentrate.

“Being a member of Love British Food — and playing an active role in Love British Food Fortnight — helps our small artisan British members reach new contemporary consumers interested in authentic produce made in Britain.”

Most consumers don’t know that, in UK law, cider can be made from just 35% apple juice, all of which can come from imported concentrate.

For an alcoholic drink that’s made from grapes to be called ‘wine’, EU law requires it to be made exclusively from 100% freshly-pressed grapes without the use of any concentrates.

As Alastair says: “We don’t accept that for wine, so why cider — part of our British heritage?”

Cider is Wine is holding a fun and friendly tasting via Zoom on Friday, 25th September, at 6.30pm for an hour, with the ciders delivered safely for £45. For tickets, and to find out more, click here.

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