Christmas beers

SEven Bro7hers Advent calendar

Duration Brewing

The Norfolk brewer has a very detailed Christmas gift page which also lists festive events. Gift boxes can be delivered nationwide, while there is also a click and collect option.

SEven Bro7hers Advent calendar


Harvie’s Ultimate Festive Choice is a 22-beer mixed case. There is also a smaller selection of 11 beers, a Craft Stout Case, and a three-can gift pack.

SEven Bro7hers Advent calendar

Padstow Brewing Co

The 12 (Padstow) Beers of Christmas are now available on the brewery website. They’re shipped in mail-order boxes with a perforated numbered cover. Will you be able to wait for the 12 days, though?

SEven Bro7hers Advent calendar

Seven Bro7hers

The Manchester brewery has created its first Advent calendar. There are favourite, like Watermelon Wheat Beer and Honeycomb Pale Ale, as well as three beers from a sustainability project with Kellogg’s: Throw Away IPA, made with Corn Flakes, Cast Off Pale, made with Rice Krispies, and Sling It Out Stount, made with Coco Pops. Find out more

BrewDog Advent calendar


With an emphasis on sustainability in its construction, this year’s Advent calendar contains 24 beer cans spanning the brewer’s whole range, including: 15 new beers launched this year, six online exclusive beers, and two Advent exclusive beers. Find out more

Knutsford Beer Festival Advent calendar

Knutsford Beer Festival

Having postponed their 2020 event, the festival committee have turned their attention to create an Advent calendar, raising money for a local toy charity. Find out more

St Austell Advent calendar

St Austell Brewery

The Advent calendar is back, featuring beers from the core range, such as Tribute and Proper Job, and specials, from chocolately stout to milkshake IPA. Find out more

Honest Brew Christmas

Honest Brew

Online retailer Honest Brew has a number of special Christmas packs available, some all beer, some with snacks, and even Melissa Cole’s book, The Beer Kitchen, which would make an excellent gift in its own right. Find out more

WooHa Christmas

Black Tor Brewery

Advent (4.8% ABV) is fresh off the bottling line. It’s a premium ruby red ale, fortified with special reserve port for a satisfying fruity finish. Available from independent stockists and the Black Tor webshop soon.

WooHa Christmas

WooHa Brewing

WooHa Brewing, in the Scottish Highlands, has created a Christmas gift box for beer aficionados. The pack contains a WooHa t-shirt and beanie hat, and six bottles of WooHa beer: one each of Northern Mischief lager, Rauch ‘n’ Roll smokey porter, Hop Pinata IPA, and Rogue Clan Scotch ale; and two botles of Hello Friday pale ale. Find out more in WooHa’s online shop.

Hiver beekeeping

Hiver Beer

For the ultimate Christmas present, Hiver is offering vouchers for an urban beekeeping and honey craft beer tasting in the heart of London. Guests will discover the secrets of urban beekeeping and enjoy a tutored honey beer and food matching session with the experts from Hiver. Find out more about this and other Hiver offers

Signature Pub Box

Signature Brew

Signature Brew is offering a Christmas version of its Pub in a Box, with glassware, festive snacks, a music quiz, and exclusive playlists curated by music journalists to accompany a mix of eight, 16, or 24 core beers. Find out more here.

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