Cave Direct North director, Will Evans


Cave Direct North has launched a new beer training school, to redefine the standards of beer knowledge and service expertise in its customers’ bars and restaurants.

In four days, the full course teaches candidates everything they need to know about beer in terms of product, dispense and consumer engagement.

The four days will be split into three levels of knowledge, the first of which is a full-day course designed to give everyone attending a high standard knowledge of beer, rewriting beer serving standards for Cave Direct customers.

A one-day bronze course, which is free to all Cave Direct North customers, covers: beer history; an in-depth understanding of ingredients; steps and processes in brewing beer; a full introduction and sampling of beer styles; how to taste beer; storage; serving; and range and layout tuition.


After this, customers or individuals can then decide to progress to the silver and gold courses, which include: advanced technical dispense training and fault finding; detecting off-flavours in beer; writing beer menus; and a wealth of knowledge on principles and practices in pairing beer with food.

Will Evans, director at Cave Direct North, said: “I’ve lived in Manchester for several years and have always been blown away by the wealth of knowledge and passion for learning within bartending here and across the region. They’ve been supported by a depth of tuition from numerous independent spirit brands, multinational companies, and niche spirit wholesalers, but there just isn’t that support there on beer yet.

“Our fundamental aim at Cave Direct is to grow and expand craft beer by not only growing our business, but that of our direct customers too. As far as I’m aware, we will be the first independent craft wholesaler to offer a service such as this, and it underpins our resolute commitment to growing the category through knowledge, passion, and enjoyment.”

Once launched in Manchester, Cave Direct plans to roll it out over all distribution hubs across the country, in London, Kent, Newcastle, and Bristol.

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