Cask Ale Week returns from September 19 to 29, an annual reminder of the importance of real ale in our community pubs.

Paul Nunny, of Cask Marque, the organisation behind the campaign, points out that real ale drinkers spend more on food and drink in pubs than any other group — more than £1,000 a year on average. He says this means a week focused on promoting cask ale, helping to drive footfall, and converting drinkers to cask, has a sound commercial rationale.

He said: “Since Cask Ale Week was first run back in the noughties, the ‘experience economy’ has grown exponentially. Consumers are seeking more than food to fill their stomachs, and drink to quench their thirsts. They want experiences; they are looking to be part of something.”

The 11-day long celebration of the country’s national drink provides a platform, free to breweries, pubcos, and pubs, to use as they wish. And it’s not too late to stage an event, such as a pub quiz with a round of questions on cask beer.

Nunny added: “You know what would work in your pub or brewery. The invitation is for you to use the week — or even one day of the week — in the way it best suits you.”

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