Stone Brewing Berlin has announced the launch of a special limited release series, packaged in 500ml cans.

The Stone UNIQCAN is inspired by the success of the Stone Berlin Pilot Series programme, a rotating cast of experimental, collaborative and limited edition beers.

The name is seen as the perfect moniker for Stone Berlin’s super-limited, revolutionary small-batch releases, rolling out of the city each month, starting in July.

The beers will come in specially designed half-litre Gargoyle-clad cans, fitted with a unique label for each release. The programme’s beers will also be available on draft at Stone locations, and an exclusive selection of bars and restaurants around Europe.

Marcus Thieme, vice-president and general manager European operations at Stone Brewing, said:“The flexible packaging format of our new Stone UNIQCAN opens the door to a ton of collaborative opportunities.

“We’ll be collaborating with other breweries, of course, but I also see a future in collaborations with a variety of artists or musicians — you name it! Already in August we will come up with the first collaboration in a UNIQCAN, brewed together with a brewery from Franconia.”


Loyal fans


Greg Koch, executive chairman and co-founder of Stone Brewing, said:“The Stone Berlin Pilot Series earned a lot of loyal fans, as it offered a rotating and exclusive taste of our experimental offerings. So we set out to make our special beers more widely available to you, our fans across Europe.

“It’s just another example of how we’re constantly experimenting and exploring the world of craft beer to bring the best to our fans. Cheers!”

The first beer to kick off the series is the Stone Berlin-brewed Stone Tangerine Express IPA,which will hit shelves in the week beginning July 1, and which will be available exclusively at speciality shops.

Stone Tangerine Express IPA was brewed for the first time in the US in early 2017 and skyrocketed to one of the most popular beers in the lineup of year-round offerings. The European edition marks the first time the beer has been brewed in Berlin.

Stone’s brewers used whole tangerine puree to capture the essence of the bright flavours of the fruit, with the addition of whole pineapple for a subtle, yet lingering tropical back note. Neither the hops nor the fruit dominate, yet together they create several complex fruit layers, which can only be achieved by brewing with the entire fruit.

Eight different hops give this beer its marked dankness overtones and refreshing bitterness. It’s an express ticket to a beach hammock getaway with refreshing drink in hand, complete with punchy tropical fruit character and Stone’s signature bold hop bitterness.