Cana magazine spread

A conduit through which to distill the ongoing relationship of beer and the arts — that’s the aim of new magazine, Caña, currently raising crowdfunding cash.

Cana coverCaña is an independent print magazine about the love of beer, of visual art and of fervent creativity.

In their Kickstarter introduction, the publishers say: “Cane, reed, rod, leg, rum … the Spanish dictionary turns out a number of translations for the word caña, but it is its notable significance in Spain that concerns us here: a caña is a small glass of beer.

“As ‘pint’ is commonplace codeword for a beer on British shores, uttering those four letters will see some industrially-produced froth slammed down in front of you as quickly as you can say ‘por favor’. The difference being, where a pint — by definition — takes on a predictable form, the caña has a tendency to surprise, taking on a spectrum of sizes that range from scant to sufficient.”

Find out more about founder James Davidson and his project on the Kickstarter website