The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is to publish and new book, Essential Homebrewing, as a guide for both old hands and novice. It applauds the number of home brewers who have turned professional, helping to fuel Britain’s beer growth.

The guide identifies a dozen former home brewers who have taken the leap to brew professionally, praising the role they’ve played in boosting the number of commercial breweries registered with HMRC to 2,000.

CAMRA home brewThese include the brewers behind Kew Brewery, Wishbone, Pressure Drop, Torrside, Vibrant Forest, Affinity, Partizan, Thirst Class Ale, Weird Beard, Little Beer Corporation and Boundary.

CAMRA’s latest title allows readers the chance to expand their brewing repertoire with more than 30 recipes from leading British and international craft brewers.

Written by Andy Parker — brewer and owner of Elusive Brewing — and Graham Wheeler — an internationally-renowned authority on home brewing — it contains easy-to-follow instructions to make beers in a variety of styles.

Andy said: “The number of small breweries in the UK has grown dramatically since 2010 ,and beer drinkers have never faced as much choice as they do today.

“Many of the new breweries are very small — from hobbyists who’ve registered their home brewing kit so they can sell tiny quantities to local bottle shops, through to those producing a few hundred litres per week to sell to local pubs and bars.

“Home brewing has enjoyed a similar resurgence, mirroring this growth in the number of commercial brewing operations, and today’s home brewer enjoys access to the same quality and range of ingredients as the professional, with a vast number of options when it comes to selecting equipment.”

CAMRA’s Essential Homebrewing is available to order, at £11.99, from the CAMRA Shop

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