A new beer shop and bar space, Callow Ruscoe, is to open in Fulham, London, on Saturday (February 16).

With more than 200 of the best beers, wines and ciders to drink in or take home, there will be a focus on unique and exciting experiences, with some of the most remarkable names in the industry.

The extensive product selection is firmly international and displays many award-winning products, such as those from Siren, Verdant, Wild Beer, Stillwater, Burnt Mill, De Molen and Brekeriet. Hidden gems of underappreciated and developing markets will be showcased, alongside a commitment to provide the best choice of French beer in London.

The opening day will feature a beer launch with Burnt Mill between 3pm and 5pm. Sean, from the brewery, will be in attendance to give samples of the new Hazy IPA.

From 7pm to 9pm, there’s a Trappist bottle share hosted by shop manager, Alex. There will be a vertical tasting of aged Orval bottles, ranging from January 2017 to the most recent batch. These will be compared with other Trappist beers, such as Mount Saint Bernard’s Tynt Meadow (UK) and Spencer, from the US.

A significant part of the efforts and experiences surrounding the shop will be focused on supporting beer education and beer writing. These will include free beer classes and collaborative in-shop displays, presenting beer selections from industry-leading writers. Furthermore, support will be provided to the London writing community by organising writers’ meet-ups, talks and unique events. The space will be made available for hosting podcasts and tastings, as well as commissioned articles for various destinations, including the shop blog, due to launch at callowruscoe.com/ later this year.

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