Liverpool’s Cains Brewery brand is to return as part of a four-phase £7m investment involving a craft brewery, market-style space and a bar.

CainsMerseyside-based Mikhail Investments is behind the scheme, which will include a drink venue called The Quarter Hoop.

Andrew Mikhail said: “After speaking with Cains’ former managing director, Sid Dusanj, for about six months, he told me he was delighted to pass on the Cains brand to someone passionate about the Brewery Village scheme and the city.

“Cains is a resilient brand, just like Liverpool, and we’re really excited to be bringing Cains Brewery back, albeit with a new direction.”

Sid Dusanj, managing director of Brewery Village Ltd, said: “The brewery village concept started five years ago and it’s great to see that Cains Beers will be brought back to life within the grade II-listed brewery by entrepreneur Andrew Mikhail and soon to be re-launched after brewing stopped back in May 2013.”

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