Brewhouse & Kitchen is to celebrate the official opening of its Horsham brewpub today (September 6), with entertainment, bar games and complimentary drinks.

The venue — in East Street, Horsham — is steeped in history, having been in the community as a pub for the past 150 years, except for a recent brief stint as a Japanese restaurant.

BK Horsham wall artBrewhouse & Kitchen is bringing the venue back to its roots, drawing on rich history to brew and name unique beers and refurbish the pub.

Brewhouse & Kitchen Horsham will boast an innovative summer menu, complete with seasonal beer pairing suggestions and no less than 23 vegan and vegetarian options — more than any other UK pub group, it says.

Company co-founder, Simon Bunn, said: “We are very excited to open a brewpub in Horsham and look forward to making lots of local friends, providing a service to the fantastic and welcoming community.

“To be located in Horsham’s town centre is wonderful, allowing us to deliver a truly unique pub experience to residents and visitors alike, and embrace the community with open doors and full kegs.”

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