Glasgow-based Brewgooder is calling on craft breweries around the world to join its Global Gathering, a collaborative brewing project on a mission to provide clean water for 100,000 people in developing countries. 

Launching today, Brewgooder is aiming to partner with 500 international breweries to brew unique, small-batch beers, which will be released on World Water Day in March 2020. 

To date, 100 breweries have confirmed their involvement in the project, representing 11 countries, and including Tiny Rebel, Tempest, Vocation, Siren, and Harbour in the UK, as well as Brooklyn Brewery and its renowned brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, Avery Brewing, and Rhinegeist in the United States, with hundreds of invitations having been sent to craft brewers in almost every country.

Each individual collaboration brew will raise upwards of £500, contributing to a fundraising target of £250,000 for the whole project. All proceeds will be donated to The Brewgooder Foundation, to support its clean water projects.

Alan Mahon, founder of Brewgooder, said: “The Global Gathering aims to bring together one of the most vibrant and passionate communities in the world in order to show what craft beer can do when it acts together.

“The craft beer community is no stranger to collaboration, but this project takes that to a whole new level, harnessing it to help empower 100,000 people. Breweries of every size have the opportunity to not only brew some amazing beers as part of a global movement, but also have a very real impact on peoples’ lives around the world.”

Every pint of beer created for the Global Gathering will support and accelerate Brewgooder’s numerous projects in Malawi, which include well rehabilitations, new borehole construction, sanitation systems, and water mapping, to ensure the long-term sustainability of well constructions. The foundation has already supported more than 132 clean water projects and had a positive impact on 64,478 lives.

To make it easier for brewers of all sizes to get involved, Brewgooder has partnered with Crisp Maltings to donate 20 bags of malt to each participating brewery for its unique brew. 

In addition to this, breweries can receive a 10% discount on any keg used in the Global Gathering by speaking to their local Kegstar contact.

‘To have already received the support of 100 brewers in this campaign is incredible’

The packaging design for each collaborative beer will be inspired by the theme ‘water’ and designed by each individual brewery using two distinct colours — orange to represent beer and blue to represent water. Once brewed, every beer will be released simultaneously at participating venues on the weekend of March 20-22, which coincides with World Water Day. 

Alan added: “Water is the basis of life, and all the good things life has to offer, and there are far too many people around the world who have their ambitions, dreams, and potential limited by lack of access to a safe source of it.

“With water, kids grow up healthier, girls stay in school longer, and people build better lives for themselves. I want the whole craft beer community to make that change for thousands of people this world water day.

“To have already received the support of 100 brewers in this campaign is incredible. Our whole team is humbled by the willingness of so many incredible brewers to adopt our mission as their own, and we cannot thank them enough.”

As part of the weekend launch, participating breweries from across the UK will also be invited to contribute a song inspired by their local area to a Spotify playlist for the weekend, which will represent the diverse range of companies involved in the project and show the variety of communities involved in making a difference. 

To register your brewery and join the movement, visit

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