A brewery with no name will be launched at the Tap Rooms, Bethnal Green, London, on July 25, with the aim of challenging prejudices about low-alcohol beer.

Attendees will be guided on how to taste the new range of beers by ex-Drink Up London’s beer enthusiast, Ali Dedianko, who, at the end of the tasting, will unveil the truth about what they are drinking.

The White Label Beer project asks if a range of beers solely targeted towards teetotalers, a health-conscious millennial generation, or people seeking to avoid a hangover, compare to beers containing alcohol.

The project aims to prove that social drinking isn’t necessarily about getting drunk. The challenge in running this blind tasting is whether or not the beers stand up to scrutiny. But founders are positive that the portfolio will not only recruit new devotees, but turn any non-believers and sceptics.

• Tickets and more details are available via Ticket Tannoy

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