The deadline is nearing to support a crowdfunding campaign to help protect, preserve and promote a unique collection of historic objects and documents from hundreds of Britain’s brewing and pub companies.


The National Brewery Heritage Trust (NBHT), a registered charity run by volunteers, is fundraising to help make these exceptional items more accessible to more people via an online catalogue.

The campaign runs until July 23. A donation of £25 will get one free membership to the NBHT, and larger donations offer a range of rewards, including bottles of special beer. To find out more, visit the Crowdfunder page.

NBHT chairman, Harry White, said: “Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. We’re well on the way to being able to creating an on line catalogue to enable more people to enjoy this unique record of Britain’s brewing and pub heritage.

“Currently, only 5000 of half a million items are on display. We’re now closer to providing access to the other 99% of the collection, which is currently hidden from view in the archives at the National Brewery Centre.”

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