The Chiltern Brewery

Chiltern Brewery

Founded in 1980 by Richard and Lesley Jenkinson, Chiltern Brewery is now run by brothers George and Tom Jenkinson. It is the oldest independent brewery in the Chiltern hills and Buckinghamshire.

Located on an old working farm in the heart of the Chilterns, the emphasis has always been to produce natural, wholesome beers using the best, class A malt and hops, sourced in England. The brewing process mirrors age-old methods and the beers are brewed with skill, passion and integrity. The family have always been proud to support British farmers and all of the ingredients have a good provenance.

The brewery has grown steadily over the years, with the dedicated help of other family members and a strong team. The brewery shop sells the full range of Chiltern bottled beers (four of which are gluten free) and draught beers; plus locally-made wines, ciders, condiments and a delicious range of products such as fresh beer bread, malt fudge, beer cheese and fruit cake that are all made using Chiltern’s ales.

In the last few years the family has taken over The Farmers’ Bar at The King’s Head in the heart of Aylesbury, which is now award winning. This has become popular with local people as a place to relax and enjoy the full range of Chiltern beers along with craft beers, including the new Chiltern Craft Keg Ales which are on tap — Golden Harvest, Chiltern Black and Chiltern Craft Lager — guest beers and ciders, a range of wines from the Rothschild estate, and a great lunchtime menu.

The brewery emblem combines a local fox with a beech tree, both of which the Chilterns are famous for. The motto, Fear God, and Give Him the Glory, reflects the family’s Christian beliefs.

Address: Nash Lee Road, Terrick, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP17 0TQ
Phone: 01296 613 647

Draught beer

Beechwood Bitter (4.3% ABV)
The brewery flagship — a hearty and well-rounded beer. Mid-amber in colour with a rich butter-toffee aroma, it is fruity and slightly nutty. Premium quality pale ale malt, with an extra proportion of crystal malt, and increased hops, gives this beer its renowned ‘nutty’ flavour and punch. Very much a cruiserweight, it catches up with you unawares!

Chiltern Black (3.9% ABV)
An award-winning dark complex porter for all-year-round drinking. Vegan, it has dark, ruby treacle tones, with hints of roast barley. It is beautifully hopped with a chocolatey aroma.

Chiltern Pale Ale (3.7% ABV)
Designed as an aperitif or as a drink on its own, it is relatively light in colour, with a creamy smoothness. It has a good definition on the palate and a refreshing, cleansing finish. When this beer was launched in 1980 it was the first commercially brewed new beer in Buckinghamshire since the war.

Seasonals and specials

Chiltern Gold (3.9% ABV)
Crisp and refreshing, this light golden honeyed ale dances across the tongue with summer flavours. It has biscuity malt notes and is hopped with the rare UK-grown Cascade, producing a beautiful citrus and grapefruit aroma. A limited-edition summer beer.

Cobblestones Summer Ale (3.5% ABV)
A super summer’s drink, this rich golden, refreshing and fruity beer has hints of blackcurrant. The name was inspired by the beautiful cobblestones in the ancient courtyard of the brewery tap, The King’s Head. (Summer)

Colombian Coffee Porter (4.1% ABV)
Colombian Coffee Porter promises all the mouth-watering aroma of smooth roasted coffee beans for a café crème flavour and finish. A dark, smooth roast ale infused with Granja La Esperanza Margaritas coffee from family business Chartley Coffee. A unique coffee from an award-winning farm high up in the mountains of Caicedonia area, which is today one of the model farms in Colombia.

Copper Beech Autumn Ale (4.4% ABV)
A moreish, smooth red ale. Slightly sweet and gently hopped — an excellent strong session ale. (September and October)

Foxtrot (3.9%)
Dark and irresistibly smooth, complex and cunningly tasty, this winter beer is bristling with malt and hop character. Savour the warming flavours of rich chocolate and crystal malts and the brewer’s selection of choice English Pioneer, Fuggles and Admiral hops. Rich claret in colour, this dark ale is the perfect brew for cold winter evenings and is the ideal accompaniment to winter stews and broths, sausages, pork pies, red meats and full-fat hard cheeses. (November)

Kop Hill Ale (3.7% ABV)
A light smooth beer with a big hop aroma producing tangerine notes. The official beer for the local Kop Hill Climb motor event, which dates back to the early 1900s and which has featured the likes of Malcolm Campbell, Raymond Mays, Henry Segrave and Archie Frazer Nash.

Nut Brown Mild (3.9% ABV)
Luxuriously smooth, dark and subtly sweet, with a beautifully balanced hop aroma. Brewed in the style of a classic traditional mild. (April)

Oatmeal Stout (4.1% ABV)
New for December 2017 — look out for details!

Three Hundreds Old Ale (3.9% ABV)
A classic in the true tradition of old ales. Satisfyingly dark but not impenetrable, good body but not overpowering, with a long pleasing finish. There is an exceptional balance of premium malt and choice English hops, carrying the unmistakable Chiltern ‘stamp’. The beer’s idiosyncratic name is taken from the area immediately surrounding the brewery, known as the Three Hundreds of Aylesbury, not to be confused with the Chiltern Hundreds, which extend across the Chiltern Hills at the back of the brewery. (October)

Bottled beers

Battle of Britain Old Ale (5% ABV)
A traditional old ale that packs a memorable punch. A donation is made from the sale of each bottle to the RAF Halton charities.

Bodger’s Barley Wine (8.5% ABV)
A golden chestnut ale with citrus fruits, juicy malt and spicy hops. A unique style of beer with ‘hop wine’ overtones. Brewed with 100% pale Maris Otter malt and large quantities of Fuggles and Goldings hops for aroma, it is in the style of a very strong India pale ale. The beer is vegan.

Glad Tidings Winter Stout (4.6% ABV)
Brewed with four malts, two spices and fruit for a truly complex and exceptionally well-balanced stout, this is Chiltern’s festive season stout and is ideal as a winter warmer for family and friends over the Christmas period. Available in October, November and December only, it is vegetarian.

John Hampden’s Golden Harvest Ale (3.8% ABV)
Brewed in the style of a harvest ale, this gluten-free beer has an impeccable pedigree. Premium quality malt, with the aromatic fruitiness of only a single famous English hop for balance, results in a beer of the finest classical style. Floral on the nose, it has beautiful hop and full-mash malt characteristics on the palate, combining in a memorable finish. First mashed-in and subsequently launched by the Earl of Buckinghamshire, a direct descendant of the beer’s patriotic namesake, it was brewed to commemorate the brewery’s 15th anniversary. Gluten Free Heaven magazine declared it a 5-star choice.

Lord Lieutenant’s Cream Porter (6% ABV)
A deluxe, award-winning, bottle-conditioned porter launched to celebrate the brewery’s 20th anniversary. It is brewed with carefully balanced proportions of dark malts, including chocolate malt. A very smooth, rich, smoky, ruby-coloured porter, it has a generous charge of Fuggles and Goldings hops which provide a wonderfully balanced aroma. The Lieutenancy is one of the most ancient offices in England, dating from 1535 in Buckinghamshire, and this beer was launched by Sir Nigel Mobbs, Lord Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire, who charged the coppers with hops.

MM 2,000th Gyle (6.4% ABV)
A limited-edition sparkling ale using premium quality British malt and choice Cascade and Bramling Cross hops, brewed to mark the brewery’s 2,000th guile. The beer has been fermented and then slowly conditioned over 12 months to allow the flavours to mature, producing a smooth and delicately balanced, fruity but powerful India pale ale. Unfiltered and unpasteurised, it has been racked and held for final maturation in Champagne bottles with its original yeast. It is beautifully presented in individually-numbered 750ml bottles. It matches well with grilled meats, spicy dishes, strong cheese and also dessert.

Monument Gold Pale Ale (3.8% ABV)
A beautifully crafted golden, refreshing beer. It is soft on the palate and teeming with English summer flavours of honeyed malts and aromatic hops. It is gluten free.

Three Hundreds Dark Old Ale (5% ABV)
A gluten-free classic in the true tradition of old ales. Satisfyingly dark but not impenetrable, good body but not overpowering, with a long pleasing finish. There is an exceptional balance of premium malt and choice English hops.

Chiltern Brewery

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