Eco-friendly Bumble Beer has announced a crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000 to one million square metres of wildflowers, to help save bees.

The brand’s first product is The Pollinator, a 5% ABV premium pilsner, brewed with the finest ingredients and sourced from organic suppliers, to ensure no bee-killing pesticides are used.

The ethically-conscious brand has a sustainable outlook at every stage of the brewing and product process, with one example being its wildflower coasters, included alongside its beer crates, which contain approximately 30 wildflower seeds. With 97% of Britain’s wildflower habitats destroyed since the second world war, Bumble Beer hopes to have a direct impact on this and help support the world’s pollinating friends. Every time customers post a tagged Twitter photo of a planted coaster, they will receive a 10% discount code for their next purchase on the Bumble Beer site.

Brewery founder, Jason Winter, said: “Having been passionate about craft beer and the environment for over a decade, I’m incredibly excited to finally get our first Bumble Beer product off the ground!

“When I stumbled upon the packaging concept, I realised I could do something really innovative and positive to the environment, so I hope people see the value in what we are trying to achieve and join our beer-loving, bee-friendly revolution.”

Backers of Bumble Beer will obtain redeemable vouchers, of between £5 and £100, to use on the site, and have the opportunity to be a part of an eco-conscious, beer-loving community who care deeply about flavour, quality anddoing their bit for the environment. The investment will help kick-start brewing activity, accelerate brand growth, and continue the drive for new eco-beer innovation.

· To view details of the crowdfunding campaign, click here

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