BrewDog is turning its venues into honesty bars, where fans pay whatever they want for beer. Honest to Dog is an experiment that lets the community dictate exactly which products are being offered to them and how.

Running between June 3 and 9, Honest to Dog will only be available to BrewDog’s community of more than 106,000 Equity Punks, and is designed to radically shake up British business.

With every bill that is paid for under full value, a feedback card will have to be filled out explaining why less money was given. This new open-door policy ensures that BrewDog’s community is being heard, with all feedback being published online by the Scottish brewers once the initiative has ended.

Furthermore, any overpayments received will be split 50/50 between the BrewDog Foundation and the team in the BrewDog bar drinkers are visiting. The BrewDog Foundation donates up to £1 million a year to charities voted for by its crew and Equity Punks.

BrewDog co-founder, James Watt, said: “With BrewDog being a community owned business, it’s important for us to know what customers think of our products.

“With the Honest to Dog initiative we want to show our commitment to our Equity Punks by putting them in the driver’s seat, so they can tell us what they think our products are worth and, most importantly, why.

“This is a ground-breaking social and business experiment that has never been done before. We want to take the risk no matter the financial profit, as we think that the results will be invaluable. To that end, we also want to share these results with the world in order to create a better business model and relationship with our fans.”

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