BrewBroker has welcomed the 500th trader onto its platform, and released its first trend analysis.

In an industry estimated to be worth $805 billion by 2024, BrewBroker says it will become the biggest brewer in the world — without owning a brewery.

Its mission is to understand the operational capabilities of the world’s breweries so it can help the industry to sustain and grow by matching available resources directly with demand.

The founders discovered that many breweries were operating at 40% capacity, while start-up brands, established brewers, and trade customers were looking to scale up or create their own products.

They began with contract brewing, creating a platform which instantly matches buyers to suppliers. The platform directs users to fill out their tender. They are then matched to suppliers based on volume, style, and requirements. There are IP protected recipe uploads, contract and payment schedules, as well as private messaging functionality.

The success of the platform has meant that it now welcomes multiple white label tenders and a high volume of buyers looking to create bespoke brews.

Key trends from Brewbrokers’ industry analysis

● The trend for alcohol free is very much on the up, and there is now a growing interest in CBD infusions
● Dietary requirements are definitely important, whether that’s gluten free, vegan and/or organic. These are no longer niche markets, but in high demand.
● 68% of Brewbroker tenders are for contract brewing, making them no longer dirty words in the brewing industry
● The majority of Brewbroker traders are start-ups, looking to grow their brand without expanding their bricks and mortar brewery
● Lager is still the most popular beer, closely followed by pale ale styles

BrewBroker is hosting its first meet-up, at Dig Brew in Birmingham, on July 24, to coincide with Birmingham Beer Week. Visitors can find out more about the marketplace for the brewing industry, sample beer and pizza, hear from industry pros, and network with like minded beer lovers in the industry. Find out more at Eventbrite

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