Brew Republic, a new online club and ecommerce proposition for fans of
craft beer, is today unveiling a pilot launch to consumers.

Agency WPNC helped to create create the brand, along with its customer proposition, website and user experience/e-commerce strategy.

Brew Republic will use an online subscription model, so the agency has prioritised a rich experience to engage and enthuse new customers, driving sign-ups and long-term engagement.

As part of the pilot, customers will be able to buy sharing packs of various beers, which they can enjoy with friends.

Michael Johnson, Brew Republic’s commercial director, said: “WPNC is a valued partner, working with us across new product development, marketing, and e-commerce. The team’s been brilliant to work with and we are currently working together on other new initiatives.

“It has been a smooth and collaborative process. Now we’re keen to see the results that this unique engagement with craft beer fans will bring.”

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