Brand communication agency Colour and Thing has created an online document called the Big Beer Ballot which questions drinkers’ attitudes to our national drink.

The agency set out to discover more about Great British ale drinkers, what they like, and what the beer trade can do to keep them happy.

It asked fans of Box Steam Brewery (a recent client) a lot of questions about how they choose beer, what inspires them, and where they buy it.

A spokesperson said: “This ballot has been a unique opportunity to understand a bit more about what ‘new’ and ‘good’ might look like. Brewers might like to take a steer from the section on taste and flavour, and the trade as a whole should renew efforts to offer a choice of good beers alongside other beverages. Whatever the takeout from our research, one thing is clear — great beer has a great future.

• To read the research, click here

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