Brains is to re-open 40 of its managed pubs next Monday, 3rd April, and anticipates that the majority of its 60 partners will also open their premises.

Brains SA

Chief executive, Alistair Darby, said: “In order to support our partners, we have announced further measures to support their businesses well into 2021.

“As we entered lockdown, we immediately suspended all rents for our partners, and our intention is to support them all the way into 2021 as they adapt to the ‘new normal’ and its impact on trading. Our support is tailored to give us flexibility to ensure that both our partners’ businesses and our own business will be sustainable in the long term.

“Our intention has always been and will always be to ensure we have a long-term viable and sustainable business relationship with all our partners. Our partners’ success is critical to our success.”

The additional measures will include a phased rent plan, discounted draught pricing, and an enhanced training programme for all staff.

Mark Newbold, Brains’ partner at The Star, in Troes near Bridgend, said: “The effect of Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our business. On 11th March, after the prime minister’s announcement that no-one should go to pubs or restaurants, it was devastating for the industry. In one week I estimated to have lost in excess of £15,000 in sales, and food and beer waste
of around £8,000, and incurred staff wage costs of £4,000.

“Then, four months of unprecedented times … not knowing was the worst feeling for an operator. But I had a great support network from our business development manager, Dominic Rowley. Emails after emails with many guidance notes and advice to assist us in choosing the correct path.

“When we had a date for our opening, it was a huge relief, but what was a huge surprise was the support package offered by SA Brains, to assist us in the future direction of our business. Brains have offered rent relief packages and a real chance that we can make it work after such a traumatic time.”

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