Joey Beaumont, owner of Joey’s Café, with café manager Ania Grom-Yoncali

Bowness Bay Brewing’s founder and owner is aiming to make the brewery a key contributor to Kendal’s economy by supporting local enterprises.

Richard Husbands wants the brewery to promote local businesses as it continues to expand and position itself as a tourist and event destination.

He said: “As we grow and take hold of more opportunities … we want to make sure that this has a positive impact on the businesses around us. As opposed to just generating income for us, we’ve always wanted the brewery to help other businesses, as we know what it’s like to start from nothing.

“A new specialist coffee shop called Joey’s Café, owned by Joey Beaumont, has opened within the brewery’s estate and it will become our ‘official’ café. Our recently opened Barrel House bar features artisan woodwork by specialist Cumbrian carpenter Ffion Harris, of To the Root, and we’re hoping this showcases her work and she wins more commissions.

Key events throughout the year

“Ellie Barden, of Grace Forge, who is also our part-time delivery driver, has also made the tables in the bar, which are all for sale. A florist next door to us is involved in decorating the Barrel House, and we also have a caterer on hand, so visitors can sample excellent local food. We hope this translates to an increase in trade for them as a result of people visiting us.

“The main driver of boosting the local economy is for us to host four key events throughout the year, which will be themed festivals, but we’ll be planning to have farmers’ markets or a Christmas market where local businesses can showcase their products.”

Richard added: “With the brewery in walking distance from the town centre, the intention is to generate footfall by using the brewery as a hook, while having a positive ripple effect for local businesses. If visitors are spending locally and these businesses grow, it will undoubtedly create further opportunities.

“Our philosophy is for the brewery to be a quasi-collective or a co-operative because we want fledgling enterprises around us to grow too.”

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