Following recent investment in brewing equipment, Bowness Bay Brewing is continuing with expansion plans by launching its own bar.

The Barrel House, at Bowness Bay’s Castle Mills brewery, in Kendal, is part of wider plans to establish the brewery as a tourist destination and entertainment venue.

Owner, Richard Husbands (pictured), said: “From the outset we’ve always wanted the brewery to be something more than just a production site for good quality beers. We wanted it to be an experience where people can see the ingredients coming in, learning how the beer is made from our team, and then sampling them in our own bar.

“In the not-too-distant future we’ll be hosting brewery tours and taking private parties round our facility. The Barrel House will be an important part of that, enabling us to offer the Bowness Bay experience we want people to sample.”

The Barrel House has a host of unique features created by specialist Cumbrian carpenter, Ffion Harris, of To the Root, which specialises in bespoke wood projects. The bar itself is made from a 209-year-old piece of oak felled in Bowness Bay, Windermere, and oak from eight whisky casks. She has also created a decorative wooden tap wall and artisan flooring from reclaimed wood.

In addition, the tables were made by Ellie Barden of Grace Forge, who is also Bowness Bay’s part-time delivery driver.

Husbands said: “At a time when approximately 20 pubs week are closing, it’s great to buck the trend. Customers are wanting more from bars now — not just a place to sit and have a few drinks, but somewhere that offers an experience.

“The Barrel House and other plans we have for the brewery’s estate will do that — we want to be known as a place that brews great beers, as a tourist destination and festival venue, and an enterprise that contributes to the regional economy.”

Alongside its award-winning beers, the Barrel House will be serving prosecco from a keg, locally produced Lakeland Cider, and a wide range of specialist gins and spirits.

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