Belgian Lambic brewery Boon has become the first to win six consecutive gold medals at the World Beer Cup. The Oude Geuze Boon VAT 108 was awarded the gold medal in the Belgian style sour ale category.

Boon VAT 108Frank Boon said: “Six gold medals in a row. Who would ever thought about that? With every edition it becomes more difficult, because in ten years time the number of participants has tripled.

“Therefore, we are very proud of this achievement, because it is important to produce top quality in order to remain a top reference amidst the large number of beers on the market.

“Our brewery does not participate in all beer competitions. There are plenty of competitions, but we limit ourselves to just a few, including the World Beer Cup, which is often referred to as the Olympics of beer Competitions.”

He added: “The WBC edition 2018 was also very special for us because of another reason. The organisers served our Oude Geuze Black Label as the only non-American beer during the award ceremony. We are extremely proud of that.”

Frank Boon took his first steps into the lambic world in 1975. With his sons Jos and Karel joining the company, Boon Brewery became a real family brewery. In 2017, Boon produced more than 24,000 hectolitres. With more than 2 million litres of lambic, Boon Brewery has the world’s largest lambic stock in oak barrels.