Black Tor Brewery is releasing a limited edition, green hopped golden ale brewed with Jester — a new English hop variety bred by hop merchant Charles Faram, released in 2015 to rival the powerful aromas and flavours of New World varieties.

Black Tor Jester GoldHarvested and added to the brew in less than 24 hours, Black Tor used 15kg of fresh green Jester late in the boil, to showcase the incredible flavours and aromas of grapefruit, lychee and tropical and stone fruits.

Jonathon Crump, head brewer and director of Black Tor, said: “Jester Gold is an exciting beer for us. We have wanted to brew with Jester hops for some time and jumped at the chance to create something unique with green hops straight from the harvest.

“I am really impressed by the vibrancy and freshness in the flavours and aromas and will definitely be using Jester hops again in future.”

In-keeping with its other limited edition brews, only 30 casks of Jester Gold (4.7% ABV) have been produced and will be available at selected pubs across the South West and some beer festivals further afield.