As college and university students settle into a new academic year, Scotland’s licensed premises are offering safer ways for them to party, thanks to a socially responsible scheme for bars.

Returning college and university students who visit a member of the Best Bar None scheme — now with 460 bars and nightclubs across Scotland — are being assured of a safe night out.

The sign acts as a kitemark, proving that the venue’s staff follow a national code of good practice and procedures to promote responsible drinking, ensure customer safety, and reduce alcohol-related crime.

One of the campaigns which Best Bar None member bars are adopting is #BELIKEALEX, a Police Scotland campaign encouraging students to think and act safely in all aspects of their lives, from taking taxis to choosing friends and personal safety.

Best Bar None is now in 58 towns and cities and on six university campuses, with the pendulum swinging towards “responsible partying”, particularly among students, according to the scheme’s organisers and member venues.


Assured of a safe night out


National Best Bar None c-oordinator, Arlene Campbell, said: “While it’s great to see new and returning students enjoying their independence and academic life, their personal safety is of utmost importance.

“By visiting a Best Bar None accredited bar, students know they can have an experience that’s equally fun and safe. This is a message for all year round and not just for Fresher’s Week.

“What we’re finding is that some students actively seek out the Best Bar None sign, knowing they will be assured of a safe night out. That and the popularity of our scheme — which is rapidly spreading through Scotland — tell us that responsible partying is here to stay.”

Lianne Bain of BBN member The Garage Nightclub, in Glasgow, said: “We wanted to be recognised for our customer safety measures and good standards of practice — that’s why we became BBN members. For us, it means that customer safety and enjoyment are always at the forefront of our ideas.”

The Best Bar None scheme’s vision is to have a scheme in every local authority area in Scotland over the next three years. Currently it has a presence in 19 authorities.


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