Harbour Brewing Co

American Pale Ale (5.5% ABV, can, for M&S)
Grassy hops and citrus notes on the nose of this deep golden pour, pouring with a white head that lasts well. On the palate, it’s beautifully balanced, with good malt flavours supporting cirtus hop than manifests itself more in pith and rind notes than juice. There’s a gentle, satisfying bitter finish that really leaves you wanting more. A tin for the beach — or the back garden.
Buy it: Available exclusively in M&S.
(9th April, 2020)

Harbour M&S APA

India Pale Ale (5% ABV, bottle)
I’ve probably drunk more of this with meals in restaurants than on its own, such is its suitablility for such a wide range of foods. Bright, clear, and golden, with a white head, it has an aroma of citrus fruit and resinous hops — not too huge, but inviting enough. On the palate, it starts out a little like a traditional English IPA, but almost immediately there’s a kick of New World hops . Lemon, orange, herbal notes, a hint of spciness, and great malt balance. On this occasion it worked well with a local asparagus and pasta meal.
Buy it: Widely available — I got mine from Trevaskis Farm, along with that local asparagus!
(18th May, 2020)

Harbour IPA

Little Rock IPA (6.3% ABV, can)
One of my favourite Harbour brews, this pours a deep, clear amber/red, with light carbonation and an off-white head that stays well. The inviting aroma is of rich orange and resinous hops. The orange continues onto the palate with lemon pith and rich toffee malt. The condition is fabulous. A great IPA with a decent bitter finish.
Buy it: Widely available — I got mine from Trevaskis Farm.
(14th June, 2020)

Harbour Little Rock IPA

Panda Eyes (5% ABV, bottle)
Hazy, yet bright gold with a thick white head and vigorous carbonation. It’s a tropical fruit bowl on the nose — pineapple, mango, and some lemon pith, too. It’s beautifully refreshing, with lots of tropical fruit on the palate, and a little orange coming through, like a traditional IPA. Frutiy bitterness lasts well into the finish. There’s not a huge amount of malt character, but some light biscuit underpinning the hops.
Buy it: I got mine from Trevaskis Farm.
(21st June, 2020)

Harbour Panda Eyes

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