Beer reviews

It’s taken a pandemic lockdown for me to get the Beer Today reviews section up and running, but here it is. This focuses on reviews of currently-available beers. I’ve bought most of them myself, but I’m very grateful to brewers who have submitted beers for review — I don’t take this generosity for granted. For more check-ins of my beers, come and say hello on Untappd! Incidentally, I’ve added links to the brewers’ pages on Untappd as this seems to be the widest spread of online opinion at the moment. Just to give you an overall sense of the brewer’s standing. Cheers, Darren


beer reviews

Mine Brewing: Stout| ‘An absolutely gorgeous stout with a volutuous body’

Treen’s Brewery: Resolve| ‘It’s damned good, and a great Friday night treat’

BrewDog/Evil Twin: Roaster Coaster| ‘Rich, complex, smooth, boozy’


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