To Øl

Gose to Hollywood (3.8%, can)
Refreshing and flavourful, this worked with an asaragus risotto. It pours a hazy straw colour with a white head that disappears quite fast. Some dabk hops on a subdued aroma, but the ‘oomph’ is all in the taste. The tastebuds are awake now! Zippy fresh orange, that would really do the trick at the breakfast table. There’s an edge of saltiness and a malt profile of light biscuit. The tartness is not as much as I was expecting, which is good, as I’m not the biggest fan of sours (or maybe I just haven’t drunk enough to get intothem). This is good and a recemmendation for a gose novice.

To Ol Gose to Hollywood

To Øl | Svinninge, Denmark | Untappd ratings

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