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All Together (6% ABV, can)
Following an idea put out there by New York’s Other Half Brewing, this hazy straw coloured IPA raises money for hospitality professionals in need during the coronavirus pandemic. The aroma hints that this is going to be something special: resinous hops and grapefruit. If anything, the aroma undersells it, because the taste is fabulous. Its a big-hitting, US-style IPA, with a good malt balance, and a fabulous body and mouthfeel. Big grapefruit notes, some preserved lemon, and good bitterness on the finish. A cracking IPA for Beer O’Clock on a Friday afternoon.
Buy: Mine was sent to me by Signature Brew and it’s available via its website
(1st May, 2020)

Anthology (10% ABV, can)
Bllack as night with a dark tan head that stays fairly well, this a pretty decent imperial stout that has a lot going on. The aroma offers rich roast malt, molasses, bitter coffee, and rum. The palate expands that range to cherry and chocolate, as well as the coffee and rum, smooth and creamy in terms of mouthfeel.
Buy: Mine was sent to me by Signature Brew and it’s available via its website
(1st January, 2021)

Nightingale (5.4% ABV, can)
A hazy, light straw coloured brew that not only tastes good but also celebrates the work of our NHS heroes, with a £1 donation from each can sold going to NHS Charities together. This is fruity joy in a glass. Big hop notes — resinous, piney, grapefruit — on the aroma, and carrying through to the taste, where pineapple joins the party. Head retention is great, consequently leading to satisfying lacing on the glass. It’s a collaboration with the organisers of the Manchester Punk Festival, sadly cancelled this year.
Buy: Mine was sent for review by Signature Brew, who sell it on their website
(28th April, 2020)

Signature Brew Nightingale

Pink Vinyl (4.6% ABV, can)
Bright red, with a white head that dies down very quickly. A good gose, here, a proper smack for the tastebuds, chilled nicely from the fridge. The aroma is very fruity, reminiscent of a Fruit Salad chew from my childhood. Quite a bit of tartness on the palate, taking me back to a hibiscus-flavoured St Austell small-batch brew, but with the flavour ramped up. It’s gose, so there’s a salty edge, but no shortage of raspberry flavour, too.
Buy: Mine was sent to me by Signature Brew.
(7th June, 2020)

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