Magic Rock Brewing

Cannonball (7.4% ABV, can)
A hugely popular beer, and it’s easy to see why. I’ve had it several times on draught, but this is the first time I’ve tried the packaged version. Hazy deep gold, with a white head that doesn’t linger too long, there are resinous, herbal hops on the nose, with the promise of exotic fruit. Hints of mango and kiwi. The taste is big and bold — mango and grapefruit to the fore, with peach and pineapple diving in. There’s a decent touch of malty adding biscuity crispness. The whole is very satisfying and refreshing, packed with flavour.
Buy: I got mine from Johns in St Ives. It’s available on the brewer’s website
(28th May, 2020)

Magic Rock Brewing | Huddersfield | Untappd ratings

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