Firebrand Brewing

Black Stuff (5% ABV, can)
The Black Stuff: usually a reference to a brew that has dominated bars for years, originating in 1759. The beer with which no St Patrick’s Day would be complete. This one, though, is nice and local to me and is a super sessionable stout. I enjoyed it with sausage and mash. Big notes of dark bitter chocolate, coffee, and aniseed, with some nuttiness, too, and a little vanilla coming through on the finish. Wheat has contiributed to good, rich head retention, and there’s a pleasing, smooth mouthfeel. Would be interesting to see what this was like on draught via a keg.
I picked mine up from Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro.
(25th April, 2020)

Firebrand Black Stuff

Citra Simcoe NEIPA (6% ABV, can)
Sunshine seems to be locked into this delightful brew, a hazy gold/amber in colour. Grassy and resinous hops on the nose are very inviting. There’s a hint of sourness, too. Lemon rind and dankness on the palate, with grapefruit, lychees, and goosebeeries coming through, and even a hint of a lactose flavour. Perhaps something to do with the oats in the brewm contributing to a great mouthfeel.
Buy: I picked mine up from Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro.
(19th April, 2020)

Firebrand Citra Simcoe NEIPA

Coffee Stout (6% ABV, can)
Very dark with a red tinge and a think, well-packed, beige head. There are big bitter coffee notes on tehe aroma, and a hint of powedered chocolate. Very pleasant on the palate — coffee coming through, of course, some smokiness, and cocoa. Very smooth with a good mouthfeel. Another cracker from Firebrand.
Buy: I picked mine up via the Pilchard Press Alehouse, St Ives. It’s also available via the brewer’s website.
(20th May, 2020)

Firebrand Coffee Stout

Hop Symphony (7.5% ABV, can)
There’s been a lot of praise for this limited batch brew, and rightly so. It’s a joyous double-dry-hopped IPA that lifts you away from lockdown for a while to craft beer bar, maybe not so far away, which this might have been on draught. There’s mango and pineapple on the nose, with some resinous hops. Add grapefruit and kiwi into the mix on the palate, along with gooseberry ad red apple skin – tastes like there could be oats, too, but they’re not listed. Wheat is, though, which accounts for the good head retention and winderful lacing in my glass.
Buy: I had mine delivered via the Pilchard Press Alehouse, St Ives, but it’s also available on the brewery website
(2nd May, 2020)

Firebrand Hop Symphony

Orange and Cocoa Collaboration Dubbel (7% ABV, can)
This collaboration with Beers of Europe does pretty much what it says on the tin. An initial hit of orange citrus, followed by a sweet layer of chocolate. It pours black, with the faintest edge of red. The head is very effervescent, reminiscent of cola. There’s just a hint of orange on the nose. Remaining quite effervescent on the tongue, it’s interesting, if a little thin for 7%.
Buy it: I was sent mine. It’s part of the 12 Beers of Christmas box from Beers of Europe.
(23rd November, 2020)

Patchwork Rocket (4% ABV, cask)
Clear gold with a white head, this offers an aroma of grassy hop and lemon that carries through to the palate. There are hints of white grape and lemon rind, too. Decent bitterness on the finish. Enjoyable and very sessionable.
I drank mine in the Pilchard Press Alehouse, St Ives. It’s available in can on the brewer’s website.
(30th July, 2020)

Thundercloud NEIPA (5.5% ABV, can)
Hazy straw with a white head, with a herbal, grassy hop aroma — specifically, recently-cut grass. There’s a fruity ester note, too. It diesn’t mention it on the can, but Vermont yeast, maybe? The mouthfeel is smooth (oats in the grist) and full, with hop flavours of grass, lemon pith, grapefruit, mango. It’s a joy. An NEIPA your want to savour. I’m pairing it tonight with a quiche mad with fresh local asparagus.
Buy: I picked mine up via the Pilchard Press Alehouse, St Ives. It’s also available via the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro, and the brewer’s website.
(6th May, 2020)

Firebrand Thundercloud NEIPA

Firebrand Brewing | Altarnun, Cornwall

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