Age Concern chief executive, Susan Carr, with Beer Brothers Phil Leyland and Dave Reece, and cartoonist Tony Husband

Preston-based Beer Brothers Brewery has joined cartoonist Tony Husband in assisting with a new Age Concern campaign.

The charity’s What The Flock project aims to tackle loneliness and isolation in Lancashire.

The campaign introduces Lonk, the Lonely Sheep, who is sad and lonely until a group of socially conscious sheep on a neighbouring hillside realise that he needs help and collectively agree they ‘give a flock’ and spring in to action.

Chief executive, Suzanne Carr, said: “Never before has Age Concern faced such an unprecedented demand from vulnerable adults across Lancashire. Estimates suggest that 35,000 older people are chronically lonely and isolated. Nobody should face these problems alone.

“The #wtf campaign is set to make a real difference to lives in Lancashire by raising vital funds to combat loneliness and isolation.”

‘The charity is very personal to me and my family’

Tony Husband has created Lonk in cartoon form, while the Beer Brothers — Phil Leyland and Dave Reece — have created an IPA for the campaign.

Phil said: “As my father lives with dementia, the charity is one that is very personal to me and my family, so we were keen to support it. The new beer is the perfect answer.”

Founded by Phil and Dave in 2015, the brewery uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create high-quality craft and real ales. It supplies products in bottle, keg, and cask to local bars and licensed outlets, as well as via its on-site shop and website. The new What the Flock! beer is available from their website, and a donation to the charity will be made for each can sold.

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