Following decades of being passed through different hands, the Corn Exchange, on North Church Side, has finally found a team that’s dedicated to transforming it into a bar befitting Hull’s historic Old Town.

Atom Brewing Co is refurbishing the centuries-old building to create a space that is both welcoming and flexible.

Atom Corn ExchangeSitting beside the beautiful Hull Minster and a stone’s throw from popular drinking spots such as The Head of Steam and The Brain Jar, the Atom Brewing Co Corn Exchange aims to offer knowledgeable service.

Operations manager, Nick Kirman, said: “We’ll have 16 keg lines and four cask, joined by up to 100 cans and bottles from around the world, plus an exciting spirit and cocktail range. By only stocking brands that share the Atom ethos of quality, we’re committed to elevating Hull’s drinking experience.”

Atom has been developing unique and pioneering beers since its brewery opened on Malmo Food Innovation and Technology Park in 2014. Since then, the team has seen a huge response to its blending of scientific principle and raw enthusiasm, launching dozens of beers that are now stocked in the UK’s top bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

While a leader in new and exciting beers, the brewery also focuses on educational activities, including business talks, brewery tours, and inviting school groups to explore the chemistry and physics behind the brewing process. This approach will play a large role at Atom Brewing Co Corn Exchange, from staff providing expert suggestions for inquisitive visitors, all the way to interactive workshops and product launch parties.

Chief beer geek, Allan Rice, said: “It was this passion that led to the founding of Atom in the first place. Now that we have public-facing premises that are open seven days a week, we can put on a versatile programme of eye-opening curiosity quenchers.”

Complementing an impressive range of beers, spirits and cocktails from across the globe, the friendly bar will present a specially designed menu of small plates by the KerbEdge Street Food team and locally roasted coffee from The Blending Room.


High-quality food and drink


Nick said: “The beers are the nucleus of Atom Brewing Co Corn Exchange, with everything else orbiting around them. Over the coming months we’ll be hosting some special events, and working hard to promote the city as a safe and inviting destination for high-quality food and drink.”

With 220 square metres in which to build a modern environment that’s ideal for friends, families, after-work tipples and those who simply fancy a pint, Atom is preparing to open its doors to anyone looking for a chilled, upbeat bar where every customer will find a drink to suit their palate.

Nick added: “Corn Exchange has been a drinking establishment for over 300 years. Atom is hoping to push this tradition further than ever and firmly root itself in the centre of the city.”

Atom Brewing Co. Corn Exchange will open in early June.

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