Arran Dreghorn

A further spate of vandalism has put a project by to create a new brewery and visitor centre in Dreghorn, Scotland, in jeopardy.

Arran Brewery wants to set up the facility and is install plant from its brewery in Cambridge, where a new brew kit is being put in.

But managing director Gerald Michaluk says the whole project is now in the balance after sustained attacks on his property, even though he says he knows the identity of two of the culprits.

So far, the cost of the damage has been put in excess of £100,000, and the brewery has put the site on the market to gauge and see if it’s worth moving to a new premises.

Gerald said: “This is a great area, with some fantastic people living here, but it is marred by a small minority. Yes, it’s economically depressed, but if we want that to change we need to get business investment…

“We want to invest in North Ayrshire, but we are loosing the battle to small-minded selfish thieves and vandals who, I fear, are the real reason this area is not booming, given its location, motorway access, airport, ferry ports and all the rest of its infrastructure, which some other areas can only dream of.”