Arran Brewery is taking back stocks of unsold beer from businesses closing over the winter, and will replenish stocks when the new season begins.

The brewery hopes this will not only help its customers, but also help to alleviate problems it had this year when it ran out of beer.

Managing director of Arran Brewery, Gerald Michaluk, said “This scheme will kill two birds with one stone, allowing us to satisfy Christmas demand in the pubs and restaurants, that are open over the festive period, while not having beer sitting on the shelves of closed seasonal businesses for the whole winter period.”

He added: “In Scotland, many business close for the winter season and open again at Easter. All those bottles of Arran Beers sit on a shelf all winter and then are sold in the spring. How much better for customers, retailers and the brewery if that beer gets drunk and fresh beer replaces it for the new season.”

Terms and conditions apply — contact the brewery for details.

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