London’s Anspach & Hobday have announced the launch of a new can range to quench beer fans’ Oktoberfest thirst.

Anspach Oktoberfest

The Anspach & Hobday Oktoberfest cans will become available to the public on Wednesday, 16th September, and pre-orders are currently being taken on the web shop.

There are four Oktoberfest beers being launched that pay tribute to some classic German beer styles: the Festival Lager, the Gose, the Rauchbierm and the Hefeweizen. All cans are 440ml as standard. 

The cans are available as a four-pack, 12-pack, or full case of 24, with a mixed option or a singular style available on the web store. The illustrations are by Alan Batley.

Chairman and co-founder, Jack Hobday, said: “Gemütlichkeit is what is sung at every Oktoberfest. It’s a word that means geniality, friendship and warmth — it sums up the very best of what beer culture is all about. We are in times where we could all do with a little bit more Gemütlichkeit, and I hope our beers will raise a smile. Here’s to the Germans and great beer. Prost!”

Head of production and co-founder, Paul Anspach, added: “Each year, Oktoberfest presents us with a unique opportunity to take a deep dive into a brewing heritage that has inspired us since day one. We use this time to celebrate the breadth and diversity of styles that German brewing has to offer.

“From the dark, smokey rauchbiers of Bamburg, to the bright, freshly tart goses of Leipzig, German beers all share a number of common traits: precision, cleanliness, balance, and drinkability. These are qualities we strive for in every beer we make, and our Oktoberfest beers bring them into sharp focus.”

Anspach and Hobday have been influenced by Germany and its beers since founders Paul and Jack started home brewing in 2012. The German dedication to accuracy, process, and heritage, evident in classic breweries such as Schlenkerla and Augustiner, provide a great source of inspiration to the brewery, the beers its makes, and how they are made.

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