Shepherd Neame and the Boston Beer Company have introduced Angry Orchard Rosé Cider (4% ABV) to the UK market.


The drink has already taken the US by storm, where it is the second largest cider brand (second only to Angry Orchard Hard Cider), capturing an 11% share of the market since its launch last year.

Shepherd Neame’s head of marketing, Joanna Richardson, said: “Angry Orchard Rosé Cider is the ideal summer drink: crisp, refreshing and full of flavour.

“In the US it’s also proved to be a great alternative to rosé wine and pink gin, as a combination of great taste and lower ABV makes it a more sociable drink.”

Angry Orchard Rosé is made with rare French Amour Rouge red flesh apples, which are red right through to the core, and whichprovide a rosy blush to the cider, while a touch of hibiscus adds floral notes.

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