Anarchy Brew Co has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the 2019 Brussels Beer Challenge for its double IPA, Buried in Hops.

Simon Miles, co-owner of the brewery, said: “This is the first time we’ve ever entered the Brussels Beer Challenge, so to come away with a Certificate of Excellence has been really positive for our whole team at the brewery.

“Sabro has proved to be such a popular hop this year, and we’re really pleased with the way Buried in Hops has been received by our customers!”

Buried in Hops is a double IPA with a dense tropical fruit flavour, courtesy of a large hop addition in the whirlpool, with a clean, bitter finish.

There are slight herbal, piney notes on the nose, due to the Simcoe dry hop, which complements the citrus fruit and coconut aroma from a healthy dose of Sabro, and a second dry hop.

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