A popular city centre bar has proved it is still top dog when it comes to craft ales after launching its third unique brew.

City Tavern, on Northumberland Road, Newcastle, has released Alfie Blonde, a new ale created by Wylam Brewery.

Alfie BlondeAnd the new beer is even more special to City Tavern owner David King, as it takes the name of another of his beloved pet dogs, Alfie, who sadly died last year.

The pub is renowned as one of the UK’s favourite dog friendly watering holes, and already boasted two drinks inspired by David’s Irish terriers.

City Tavern Ale was the first bespoke ale, brewed for the bar by Caledonian of Edinburgh, followed by Bar Hound Ale in 2015 by Theakston Brewery — its pump clip features an image of pet dog Dillon.

Shortly after, David and his team decided to commission their own cider, and Hector’s Cloudy House was created, in a nod to another of his pets.

David said: “We always had the three dogs here and we had the ale and the cider, but hadn’t managed to get a drink for Alfie when he passed away prematurely last year.”

“Anyone who knows us will know how passionate we are when it comes to our dogs, and we were heartbroken to lose him.

“But we were determined to give him his own drink, and now we’ve been able to deliver, thanks to Alfie Blonde. The beer pump features a lovely picture depicting Alfie as we remember him, and it’s something very important to me.

“I’m thrilled that Alfie is now a part of City Tavern and it’s a wonderful way to help remember him.”

City Tavern, which has been owned by David since 2014, is a popular haunt for drinkers with canine companions, and has won countless awards over the last few years.

But it is equally famous for its high-quality, home-cooked food, as well as its extensive drinks menu, which features craft ales and guest cask ales, more than 60 gins, a large wine list, cocktails, spirit and an extensive alcohol-free range.

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