Apparently it’s time to sober up, in the name of charity. This month it’s the Dryathlon, with abstinence in aid of Cancer Research, then next month it’s Go Sober for October to boost Macmillan Cancer Support. It would be churlish to begrudge either charity much-needed funds, but I won’t be participating (although I’m happy to make a donation). I have, however, been trying to cut down on the beer a bit, with a few occasional non-alcoholic ginger beers, prompted by a good friend.

St Peter's WithoutThat doesn’t mean I disagree with Roger Protz’s well-argued case that Government drinking guidelines are wrong, made yesterday with the launch of the 2017 Good Beer Guide. Drinking is all about individual responsibility, no matter what levels are set, and I’m thinking that, especially in my line of work, a bit of cutting down might not be a bad thing.

St Peter’s Brewery, based in Suffolk, which has been on an award-winning streak lately, is marketing its Without beer to help us through these dry months. Brewed like any other beer, just without the alcohol, Without is rich, full-bodied and malty, says the brewer, with only 0.05% alcohol and at least 25% fewer calories than standard beer.

I haven’t tried it, but St Peter’s says it tastes as good as normal beer and, being completely natural, a healthy choice all round.

I’m told that of other non-alcoholic choices available, Beck’s Blue scores fairly well, too. Perhaps instead of my Fentiman’s Botanic Ginger Beer I should give these two a go. I’ll let you know how I get on.