The 50 essential elements of producing and enjoying beer are discussed by a variety of experts in a new book, 30-Second Beer, edited by Sophie Atherton.

30-Second BeerWhere did beer originate? What are the crucial ingredients and techniques required to make the perfect brew? Can you tell the difference between pale ale and lager, or stout and porter? Does beer taste better from a keg, can or cask? What is ‘craft’ beer and how did it revolutionise the beer industry?

These and many other questions are addressed by a team of 50 experts, with the answers taking up just 30 seconds of your precious time.

The reader is taken through the history and basics of brewing, a dissection of the different beer styles and their unique characteristics, as well as a trip around the world’s beers.

St Austell brewing director, Roger Ryman, said: “Interest in understanding more about the origins of beer, and how best to enjoy it, has never been more prevalent, therefore the timing of 30-Second Beer couldn’t be better.

“It’s succinct and educational enough for those who are new to beer, and the perfect reference guide for well-informed aficionados.”

• 30-Second Beer will be published by Quarto in March at £14.99 in hardback

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