St Austell Brewery has announced that its Celtic Beer Festival — a big fundraiser for its Charitable Trust — will return on 30th November this year. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Celtic Beer Festival

The festival features beers from breweries across the South West and beyond, as well as many St Austell specials, and the day is packed with live music, too.

A huge £20,000 was raised for charity through the event in 2023, well up on 2019’s total of £13,500. All profits from ticket sales go towards the St Austell Brewery Charitable Trust, which supports many good causes across the South West.

“I was blown away by the support and atmosphere for our much-loved festival, which we hadn’t been able to run for a few years before due to Covid,” said Georgina Young, St Austell’s brewing director.

“It was clear people were so happy to have it back, and plenty of fantastic beer was enjoyed, alongside some fantastic live music.

“It was a delight to take the helm of the festival and work with fellow brewers to create a diverse line-up of beers across our four bars, from stouts, sours, and weissbiers, to super-hoppy double IPAs.

“I can’t wait to unveil the beers coming up for this year’s event.”

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