Hogs Back Brewery, in Tongham, Surrey, is to host a special event on 18th August to mark its 30th anniversary.

Hogs Back Brewery

Thirty local drinkers who have been enjoying Hogs Back beers for year will be invited. And they will be asked to bring a younger drinker with them — a relative or friend — to toast the past and future of the brewery.

All you have to do to join the party is tell the brewer where you drank your first pint of TEA, by visiting its 30 at 30 web page.

“We’re delighted to be reaching our 30th birthday, with plenty to be proud of,” said managing director Rupert Thompson. “Much has changed since the brewery opened its doors in 1992, but we remain an independent brewer, committed to our Surrey roots, as demonstrated by our continued investment in our site here at Tongham, including the hop garden.

“Clearly, without people drinking our beers, we would have no success to celebrate today. So, we’d like to reward anyone who’s been enjoying our TEA for a while with a pint or two on us, and at the same time introduce our beers to younger drinkers.

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“This way, we are both thanking the local people who’ve made Hogs Back the successful brewery it is today, and doing our best to make sure it’s still alive and kicking in 30 years time!”

Hogs Back Brewery opened in August 1992 in Tongham, near Farnham, in 18th century farm buildings that at various times had stored wheat and housed cattle and, appropriately, hogs. The first casks to roll out of the original brewhouse — now the site of the brewery shop — and into local pubs were TEA, which was renamed Tongham TEA earlier this year. 

Tongham TEA remains the brewery’s best-seller, winning numerous awards over the years, and gathering a loyal customer following in Surrey and across the south. Hogs Back’s reputation as a brewer of exceptionally fine ales was bolstered by subsequent launches, such as Hop Garden Gold and RipSnorter, and in recent years the brewery has broadened its range, launching new beers such as Hogstar Lager, Surrey Nirvana Session IPA, and A over T (Aromas over Tongham) which won CAMRA’s champion bottled beer of Britain in 2020.

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